Sunday, February 12, 2012

Festival of love

When you will celebrate festival of love,
Give flowers and gifts to your lover,
Do not forget on that day, those
Whose love gave birth to you,
Who fed, cared & brought you up,
Those ones, to whom you
Before getting smitten
By your lovers eyes,
You loved more than your life.

Celebrate 14th February,
As Worship Day of parents,
And worship your life-givers,
By applying sandal-wood paste
On their forehead, and
Doing the aarti, and
Bowing head on their feet.
Beacuse -
They only truly love you,
All others only spin,
Webs of decit and pseudo-love.

Parents are the true well-wishers,
Who can take one upto God,
Rest all others are partners of selfishness -
Skin lovers.

Had that been true,
The love of Girlfriend-boyfriend,
Then no heart would break,
No homes-worlds destroyed.

Arya! Don't be misled,
By the air of the west,
By their sparkling life,
Because one day it would be -
You would too get choked,
Like they are choked,
Those who foster voluptuous culture,
And who are getting new life,
In your fresh air,
The spiritual culture.

That which is becoming the life,
Your own air of the east, which
If you only pollute,
Then how will you live.

Not with the beautiful skin,
With Soul-Self you love,
With God, with Christ,
With your mother-father,
The brothers and sisters,
God within all beings.

(C) Hemant Kumar Dubey

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  1. Hari Om Hemant bhai !!!

    May God bless you with more power and energy to spread the divine message of His Holiness Shri Sadgurudev.