Saturday, February 2, 2013

Register to host Divine Valentine Day on 14th Feb 2013

Here is the link to join the movement of celebration of Divine Valentine Day on 14th February 2013:

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१४ फ़रवरी

जब खुद से पूछा, किसने मुझसे सच्चा प्यार किया है
कौन है वो शख्स जिसने जीवन को गुलजार किया है
हँसा-रोया कौन मेरे संग, किसने मेरे लिए कष्ट सहा है
सुनाता हूँ सुनो गौर से, मेरे दिल ने आज क्या कहा है

सबसे पहले दिल ने एक सुन्दर चलचित्र दिखाया है
नेपथ्य से आती आवाजों ने दृश्यों को समझाया है
बचपन से जवानी तक सफ़र फिर से दिखलाया है
हर तस्वीर में माता-पिता का चेहरा नजर आया है

तथ्यों को भूला बैठा था, सच्चाई से मुँह मोड़ा था
झूठे प्रेम का दीवाना बना, सच्चे प्रेम को छोड़ा था
पश्चात्य संस्कृति के चक्कर में जो पड़ा हुआ था
आदर्शों से दूर हुआ मैं, भटकता हुआ भगोड़ा था

नजरों से निहाल करते माता-पिता मेरे नजर आये
उनके प्रेम-प्रकाश के आगे कोई नहीं जो टिक पाये
प्रेम का दम भरने वाली प्रेमिका ने भी गम हैं दिये
माता-पिता ही सच्चे हितैषी सुख-दुःख में सच्चे साये

निःस्वार्थ प्रेम जो करते हमसे उनका ही गुण गायें
फूल गुलाब का उन्हें भेंट दे चरणों में शीश झुकाएं
आओ १४ फ़रवरी को मातृ-पितृ पूजन दिवस मनाएँ
माता-पिता की सेवा से अपना जीवन सफल बनाएं|

(c) हेमंत कुमार दुबे

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why & How to Celebrate Parents Worship Day on 14th February?

The bond of Parent-Child is stronger than any bond in this world. These day parents who love us more than than their life, do sacrifices to bring us up and share all our problems are getting neglected. Valentine Day is the best day to show our love for our parents. Let us celebrate the pure selfless bond between children and parents on a global-level with the objective of creating a strong character and spirit of serving parents.

The beginning of  a social awakening in every home and every human heart by celebrating true love and true valentine in its purest form would be possible only by worship of our parents. Little Ganapati is a source of inspiration for all Indians and this festival draws its inspiration from the poojan of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati performed by him.

To read more about the story of Ganapati and to get answer of Why & How to Celebrate Parents Worship day on 14th February please click here or

You may also download the Complete Kit For The Celebration Of Parents Worship day.

Best wishes and lots of love,

Hemant Kumar Dubey

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Festival of love

When you will celebrate festival of love,
Give flowers and gifts to your lover,
Do not forget on that day, those
Whose love gave birth to you,
Who fed, cared & brought you up,
Those ones, to whom you
Before getting smitten
By your lovers eyes,
You loved more than your life.

Celebrate 14th February,
As Worship Day of parents,
And worship your life-givers,
By applying sandal-wood paste
On their forehead, and
Doing the aarti, and
Bowing head on their feet.
Beacuse -
They only truly love you,
All others only spin,
Webs of decit and pseudo-love.

Parents are the true well-wishers,
Who can take one upto God,
Rest all others are partners of selfishness -
Skin lovers.

Had that been true,
The love of Girlfriend-boyfriend,
Then no heart would break,
No homes-worlds destroyed.

Arya! Don't be misled,
By the air of the west,
By their sparkling life,
Because one day it would be -
You would too get choked,
Like they are choked,
Those who foster voluptuous culture,
And who are getting new life,
In your fresh air,
The spiritual culture.

That which is becoming the life,
Your own air of the east, which
If you only pollute,
Then how will you live.

Not with the beautiful skin,
With Soul-Self you love,
With God, with Christ,
With your mother-father,
The brothers and sisters,
God within all beings.

(C) Hemant Kumar Dubey

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Steps of Celebration of Divine Valentine

Valentine day is celebrated throughout the world. Please see this video and celebrate the Valentine Day in a Divine way.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

14-Feb: Matri Pitri Pujan Diwas (Mother-Father Worship Day)

The Hindu epics like Ramayana, Sri Ramcharitmanas, Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagawat Gita, the Upanishad and other scriptures tells that He who honours, respects and worships any or all of these three (the mother, the father, and the Guru) is honoured in all the worlds and has all the success, fame, peace, love, happiness, wellness and spiritual blessings.

He, on the other hand, who disregards these three, fails to obtain any merit from any of his acts.They are really very fortunate who realized the significance of serving parents and the Guru and hence made their life successful.

Even Lord Ganesh worshiped his parents- Lord Shiva and Mother Parwati. The great devotees Pundalik & Shravan Kumar have established a remarkable exemple of parents worship. The modern day childern all around the world have also established examples of parent worship. Read the press clipping.

Pujya Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu has inspired over one million children all over the world to honor parents by showing their love and devotion to them instead of celebrating the western influenced Valentine's Day. Thus recommending a more "Satvik" alternative to Valentine's Day which does not foster our Vedic Values. Moreover this tradition will contribute to the preservation of our culture for the years to come and help in the spiritual elevation and well-being of the entire humanity. Read Bapuji's message now and bring a change in your life. Say NO to Valentine Day - the Sin of Western world. See & Listen to Bapuji.

In India various states including Gujarat, Maharastra, Rajasthan, UP, MP, Orissa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh etc. celebrate this unique day of Parents Worship. Indian students in thousands of schools and lakhs of homes all over the world are celebrating Matri Pitri Pujan Diwas (Parents Worship Day) on the 14th February. Let us see how and join them in bringing happiness to our parents who truly love us.

The signifincance of Parents and Guru in our life is great. Read now.

Please Worship your parents by garlanding, applying tilak, pradhskshina, bhog and pranaam and tell your children the stories of great Devotees like Pundalik, Shravan Kumar, Lord Ganesh, et al. Encourage the children to celebrate Matri-Pitri Pujan Diwas (Parents Worship Day) on 14th February. Your small effort in teaching your children the Indian culture will go a long way in benefit of a cultured and happy society.

Visit to know and read in detail about this unique movement which requires your cooperation for a better India and a better tomorrow.

See this Video about Celebration of this auspious day.

Parents are our true lovers, carers and well-wishers. Let us worhip them, show our love and respect to them on this Valentine Day by celebrating as Parent Worship Day.

Please spread the message by downloading phamplet, printing and distributing it. Please circulate and and communicate this message through email, social networking site and other electronic and manual methods and bring smile and happiness to billions of parents including your own.